Grand Heaven Musical Motion Fountain

The Grand Heaven Musical Fountain is located in Michigan. It is snuggled between Dewey Hill and the Grand River’s northerly shore where Lake Michigan flows through Grand Heaven State Park.

When the water fountain was built in the sixties, it was acknowledged as the world’s biggest musical fountain. It offers an awesome combination of sound, water, and lighting that produces a beautiful display. Measuring 240 feet in length and over one hundred feet in width, the Grand Heaven Musical Fountain stands as one of the world’s largest melodic and light fountains. It has a square basin that can store up to 42,000 gallons of water while the 1,200 spouts range from 2.5/16 inch to 1.5 inches in diameter. These spouts are responsible for squirting water in colorful gyrating patterns.

Participants who constructed the Grand Heaven Musical Fountain in 1961 believed that the wonderful city of Grand Heaven needed a memorial and a focal point. The development of the water fountain was meant to rejuvenate the Grand Heaven area including its waterside. The project came to a total cost of just less than $240,000.

During the summer, the fountain programs display assorted themes and variations which never fail to enthuse and delight its visitors. The accompanying songs range from traditional to rock and has drawn an eclectic blend of visitors. Furthermore, the Grand Heaven Musical Fountain boasts a specialized Fourth of July show which comes with a magnificent fireworks show.

The Grand Heaven Musical Fountain is only accessible in the summer season and is closed during winter months because of the threat of subzero temps. Between the months of April and October, fountain shows are run weeknights and most weekends. The show begins at sunset and runs for around twenty five minutes. During this period, the show displays up to 3,200 variations in water motion and light.

The functioning of the Grand Heaven Musical Fountain is entirely controlled by computer software. Each moment of the fountain show takes about and hour of programming.

Michigan during summertime is wonderful, with lots of experiences to enjoy. Of course, these include the memorable sights, music and lights of the Grand Heaven Musical Fountain.