An Olympic "Fountain" of Rings

The Fountain of Olympic Rings is found in Centennial Olympic Park in down-town Atlanta, Georgia. It is one of many spectacular outdoor garden fountains in the USA. The Fountain of Olympic Rings and the Centennial Olympic Park were each created to commemorate the 1996 Olympics. A popular visitor destination, the water fountain is one of a handful of interactive water features encountered in the world. Its functions are controlled completely by computers which sync various components in the fountain display such as lighting, jets of water, and background audio.

The principal goal of the water feature was not only to provide tourists a spectacular display but also to allow them enjoy the water feature. Visitors, particularly young ones, are inspired to enjoy the water from the fountain which creates a splash pool. Furthermore, the Fountain of Olympic Rings offers a much needed respite from the warm Georgian conditions for adult athletes and concert attendees. Each year, the Centennial Olympic Park hosts countless visitors. It hosts a summertime performance series and an yearly Fourth of July fireworks display.

The fountain’s nozzles are integrated into the park’s surface. Through these nozzles, clean water is sprayed and then lands gently on the 5 Olympic rings which are portrayed in the rock and lights beneath it. The natural stone material which was employed for the fountain’s building and construction was imported. These areas are symbolized in the Olympic Games. Each of the Olympic Rings measures twenty five feet in diameter. Such massive ring is enough space to provide for two parked cars. The complete fountain along with the 5 rings measure an amazing 82.7 feet in length.

The splashing pond has 261 blasting jets that continuously shoot water in the sky from 13 to 36 feet. The motion creates an astonishing modern art “sculpture” which is entirely created of water. The water fountain is encapsulated by the flags of all those nations which have hosted the Olympics before 1996.

The Fountain of Olympic Rings stands as an inspiration to comparable designs around the world. This includes the water feature located in Dundas Square close to Toronto. The Centennial Olympic Park and the Fountain of Olympic Rings each serve 2 functions. First, it maintains the lasting heritage of Atlanta when it organized the Summer Olympics. 2nd, it signifies the beginning of the revitalization and neighborhood development of Atlanta ga which was urgently needed. The motivation for revitalization and improvement continues to this day.